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island packet 26

island packet 26

They already had developed the 32 and 37, and a lot of people seem to think I designed them, too, but I didn’t. It determines whether each stateroom is going to be small or big, and we have ideas on how big a stateroom should be, plus we have to factor in a saloon, a navigation station, a galley, and so on. You pay a small price in performance but no battens, no reef points, no problems. In the ’90s I wound up working on an international stability standard for sailboats when the European Union decided on CE standards for all products, cars, film, cigarettes, everything. That had to do with a disparaging remark by a Boat of the Year judge about our stability, an unqualified and incorrect assessment, a broad brush, “I think this boat may not be suitable . RKJ: Spars, sails, cushions. North America (6) Advanced Filters. All boats are compromises, and that’s what we favor. Our 27’s performance and history is well documented and was one of the validations of this assessment. Shock and vibration are very important, they determine destructive loads; things don’t usually break under a static load, they shake apart. Actual incidents are used to adjust these variables and assign a category based on that number and actual stability statistics. The thoughtfully laid out interior is bright, spacious and secu, St George's, We built 16 boats over a year and a half; we were able to estimate the pricing fairly well and sold the boats with classified ads in magazines. I like boats that are fun to sail, and it sails very well. There is still some cosmetics to take care of..... but the perceptive mariner will se, Palmetto, Island Packet Yachts is an American builder of sailing and motor yachts, based in Largo, Florida.The incorporated name for the company is Traditional Watercraft, Inc. Production facilities are located on nine acres of ground with 125,000 square feet (11,600 m 2) of covered manufacturing space in central Pinellas County.. The 420 has an additional head. That’s the art part of naval architecture, the subjectivity of boat design. YachtWorld International Ltd, Cams Hall, Cams Hill, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8AB, England, Island Packet 40 Virtual Showings Available (1). The 27 eventually wound up with 6-foot 1-inch headroom by increasing the freeboard. We have a Hoyt boom on our staysail (so named because it was designed by Garry Hoyt), it’s sort of a club-footed boom except it pivots at the forward end, it is self-vanging and self-tacking and adds a lot of power and simplifies control for the staysail. In my opinion, once you get over 22- to 23-feet catboats don’t make a lot sense. Five years from now I’ll have a list of changes two pages long I’ll want to make or that the customers have asked for. One of the vessels which made Island Packet Yachts famous was the classic Island Packet 26, where it all began. Get the best sailing news, boat project how-tos and more delivered to your inbox. The British have embraced our boats . If you were contemplating a trip to Ireland, I would suggest the bigger the boat the better, all other things being equal, size DOES matter. Reason for selling is … All of my boats now rate as Category A, certified for ocean use. An occasional buyer wants a standard rig, so we sell it to him. Make. RKJ: That’s true, but most buyers would realize that there is a quite a distinct difference between those yachts besides their size. It had an aft cabin with a foldaway door and an articulating chart table, she was a good boat that was both roomy and a good sailer. . Gibraltar (UK), Owners looking to down-size. In 1957, when I was in ninth grade, we moved to Florida and one of the first things I did was plan on building a boat. GOB: I would imagine naval architecture is also broken up into specialties, wouldn’t it be different to design offshore platforms as opposed to, say, oil tankers? CT, I did a lot of small work: rigs, new keel and interior and deck for Watkins, two complete boats for ComPac, and other odd jobs. Embed Embed. This number is the result of a formula, a composite of 7 factors or variables, and we compare this number with documented events. Recently re-antifouled and new batteries fitted. Second-hand ISLAND PACKET 26 with sail engine, 9.00 m in length, and m beam length. Island Packet (159) 2726 more makes... 1. A significantly modified version, the Island Packet MKII, (later Island Packet 26 MKII) was introduced in 1982 when Bob Johnson and partners formed Island Packet Yachts. One of the major advantages to it is that the keel is not fastened to the boat, it is part of the hull, everything is internal and the ballast is capped so we have a double bottom. Locate Island Packet boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader! There was a surfer who worked there with me and I had surfed, so he asked me what could a naval architect do to improve surfboards. We build them both, and we don’t care which you prefer, we have one of each. It was in production for 9 months before Bombay was liquidated. We have all the ballast down low and a nice sump for any bilge water to collect in. My master’s thesis was on damages caused by setting off depth charges near a ship. United States, This yacht has a tremendous amount of living space and enough storage to hold just about everything needed for a circumnavigation. It’s an art: you build the type of boat you think the market wants and that you want to build, but our boats are rigorously engineered; they don’t just happen. The model scale is 1/22.5. If people like to sail and want to go cruising, Island Packet will be a great boat for them. Island Packets are well renowned for producin *This price is based on today's currency conversion rate. who prefer the traditional aft cockpit. It’s been in my genes since I was born. Model 26 MK I / 26MKI. Island Packet preowned sailboats for sale by owner. You need to have some weight aloft for resistance to capsize, galleons used to hoist cannon into the rigging in bad weather and beam seas, so light-weight rigs aren’t necessarily a good thing for cruising although they’re certainly useful for racing. I’m not an avid racer, like Ted. . THE ISLAND PACKET THE BEAUFORT GAZETTE TUESDAY 2021 THE DAY VICTORIA DIED ARIEL ON FOOD NETWORK Obituaries Daniel Fuchs October 24, 1934 - January 21, 2021 Obituaries OBITUARY INDEX View and place obituaries at islandpack­ Contact our obituary staff at 843-706-8180 or … RKJ: I wanted to start off with a strong foundation in fundamental engineering principles. Most people who walk around in an Island Packet are pretty comfortable no matter what compartment they go into because I’m comfortable when I go there. It was 25 feet long 10 feet 4′ inches wide, and we called her 10-4, it was the days of citizen’s band radio, and we decided to have a little fun with that. Chris and Ross left Irwin to start Bombay Yachts, they did a 31-foot Bombay Clipper designed by Walt Scott from scratch then bought a Canadian mold and converted a 44-footer. Chris Petty convinced Ted to build this boat because he initially didn’t want to do it. The model dimension is 26"(L) x 7"(H) x 5"(D). Bob Cottrell, owner of Arjay Industries, was not your basic glass business owner, he was a Harvard MBA and a chemical engineer, and he took a very methodical approach to fiberglass construction. RKJ: No. Island Packet 26 Mk 1 Boats for sale. RKJ: No, they’re all offshore cruisers, but they’re equally suitable for just sailing on the bay. and he got out of the lamination business. A formal drawing can be pretty intimidating and it sometimes helps to have a simpler preview done from the perspective of the man who is going to do the work to help him get oriented. Sailing Yachts: For Sale: 1983 Island Packet 26 II East Greenwich Rhode Island. I feel I’m well rooted in the fundamentals and scientific method. This interview was conducted in his office at the Island Packet facility in Largo, Florida, October 15, 2004. They’re a fabulous array of people, company presidents, corporation executives, retired schoolteachers . Our industry is full of wonderfully creative people who went out and did the wrong thing. We also have a three-year warranty; no one else does. The 31 was the “do or die boat,” I bet everything on it, financially and emotionally, and it was a completely new boat, from the ground up, not an evolution of an earlier design. RKJ: Having built boats, owned boats, and sailed boats my whole life, I do give this a lot of thought. A 10-year-old boat is probably going to need some work on the engine, sails, rigging, the electronics, it will need extensive refitting for cruising. Fin keels give you a much livelier boat, and if you want to go racing, engage in tacking duels and such, that’s exactly what you design for, but you pay a price for that attribute. The architecture is the art aspect of it. She is also equipped with a Yanmar engine that has 400 hours. A lot of these things get incorporated into the boat during its production cycle. Island Packet used sailboats for sale by owner. Find Island Packet boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. We’re known as “America’s cruising yacht leader,” and our boats have nicely complied with those standards. I designed the Endeavour 43 from scratch. They didn’t go bankrupt, but they had sold out to an investor who passed away, and the business was liquidated. is a geographer/cartographer who has been a sailor of the military persuasion (U.S. Region. United Kingdom, Lovely condition throughout - this IP440 (new model equivalent is the IP439) combines typical Island Packet build quality with great comfort and easy short handed sailing and great sea keeping -&, Beaulieu, View Seller Inventory Call Now 941-914-9217 Send Email Request Information. Sail (6) 1. ask me about the remaining l, Vero Beach, Sailing Yachts: For Sale: 1985 Island Packet 26 MK ll Wrightsville Beach North Carolina FL, RKJ: Yes and no. It acts as a backbone to the yacht and adds strength. I made the first molds in my carport, probably to the great distress of the neighbors, and then I rented a garage and called the company Traditional Watercraft, working with a lot of fellows in town here who were looking to moonlight a few hours a week. It’s for safety too. NICELY OUTFITTED ISLAND PACKET 485 READY NOW TO TAKE YOU CRUISING AROUND THE WORLD! I’ve done two Annapolis-Bermuda races in Island Packets. Sale of Sailing cruisers reference 81005 It’s hard to quantify or reduce to a sentence, but they all have an identical philosophy. The deep centre cockpit has all control lines feeding into it. We studied boats that had gone through “stability events,” one 27 free-fell off a wave on a passage to Bermuda and then rolled over; it took the rig right off of her, (not good) but it righted, even without the rig. Images, motor, 9,01 length of Island Packet 26 … I bought the molds for the Bombay Express which Walt Scott had designed for them as a beamy cat sloop. I took all the vibration courses (from Den Hartog) I could because they define structural loads and shock loading. We came up with, I think, the first holistic approach to a stability assessment for a boat. Perrysburg, Ohio. The proof of this can be measured by numerous Island Packet offshore race victories often competing against “performance-oriented designs.”. In the event of a hard grounding you don’t have to worry about all the shock being absorbed by a handful of steel bolts, leading to leaks or even structural failure. I designed and patented an adjustable fin system for surfboards and wound up working for Wave Corporation for five years developing and making high-tech surfboards using aerospace materials. I put a bowsprit on it (boys love bowsprits because you get more sail area!) Their payments financed the construction. Used. Petty left Irwin for Bombay, and they built the Bombay Express. When the SORC was in town at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club for the Boca Grande race, I had my Lightfoot with me and we went to see the start of the race. They’re comfortable, fun to sail, and easily handled by just a couple, which is an important consideration for us. Our motto is “First in cruising.” We improved the cutter rig, employ roller furling on all sails, a Hoyt Boom staysail, and a full keel in profile only, that is, a long fin keel, not a wineglass section. His motto could have been, “If it won’t break it’s too heavy.” So I got to work on this boat and I like to make models so we sent one to Stevens Tech for tank testing. It was essentialy intact; you could have sailed it away. Still with her original owner, she was built to MCA Category 2, as the original intention was t, Major $20k price reduction as the sellers are willing to look at all reasonable offers. The tanks are heavy when they’re full. I worked at M-D for two years. That’s the art. People who are a lot bigger than I am are probably already resigned to the fact that the world is too small for them anyway. We have rendezvous where we get together, and they’re great! He’s an articulate and intelligent conversationalist. On the hull we use fiberglass, one laminate after another. The boats are cruised widely, and they have a background to them that they share on these rendezvous, the newsletter, and the chat room. Sure, but we factor in the effect of the used boats on the market, and in five years we learn a lot about what the customer wants and about what we can do. Our used boats and our owners say more for us than anything we could say for ourselves. I thought long and hard about that because I was good friends with the editors in those days, Bernadette Bernon and Patience Wales of Sail magazine, (both retired now) and still am, but I took the magazine to task, and we resolved the issue and I made my point. to. RKJ: That’s ancient history now and has long since been resolved. Selection of boats that may be of interest from the list of boats available for sale above. People keep in touch with us and help us evolve the boat. Having said that, hundreds were built. Price. . Johnson had purchased the original tooling for the Bombay Express 26. In a ship with water-born shock loads, structures are broken down for convenience into finite elements for analysis. .” comment. Everything is set up for that and it’s getting easier and easier. Some other companies do spray core also, but I don’t know who they are; but there is a company out there that sells a similar process (ours is a home-built process, internally developed). Replaced with the ISLAND PACKET 27 in 1984, which was a major redesign. Find out more. You can’t make incorrect, flip comments like that without consequences. to. On the other hand, your literature lists many different production lines, now discontinued, all with an average build cycle of about five years. You want a boat that’s easy to steer for long periods of time so your autopilot doesn’t have to work its lungs out to steer a straight course. Five years down the road, those same models, maybe with a few evolutionary changes, start competing with our new boats for sales. A significantly modified version, the ISLAND PACKET MKII, (later ISLAND PACKET 26 MKII) was introduced in 1982 when Bob Johnson and partners formed Island Packet Yachts. Quality, safe, dependable cruising. Even the 27 has gone offshore safely. When I was in California making surfboards, Hoyle Schweitzer was the first person to popularize Windsurfers (it was his registered name, he owned that term) and he was able to get past the idea that if surfing is hard, if you put a sail on the board it’s harder still. Check out A Nimble Take on a Rock Solid Cruiser on our blog. You don’t have to have access to keel bolts so tankage can be placed under the sole, below the waterline in the middle of the boat, adding to stability. It’s like buying a house, it’s a good investment because you can enjoy it everyday, as long as you’re not house-poor and can’t afford a pair of socks. Now they’re a sailing icon. We don’t go overboard with this, but we try to keep it in mind. Bow thrusters are available on all models, and they’re wonderful. GOB: I imagine that one of the factors you consider in design is accessibility, that is, how easy is it to get to critical points for maintenance and inspection, providing room to maneuver tools and for replacing parts and moving things around. It will be just as good as the glass around it. One of our more recent ads list a lot of the Island Packet victories, and just recently, our 420 won the Isla Mujeres race. Introduced in 1980 and originally known as the Island Packet 26, the boat went through a Mark II version before becoming, in 1984, the Island Packet 27. View Demo. They couldn’t sell enough boats or make money. It’s much like the early days of aviation: build it, fly it, fix it, and hopefully survive. This doubled our market interest with keel and centerboard options although our business was 90% keel, the rest shoal draft. GOB: What are the basic similarities all IP yachts have in common, in other words, what market niche are you aimed at, what is your mission statement, if you like? The keel is part of the hull, molded in one piece, the angle between the hull and keel is actually a radius, not a right angle, reinforced inside with a series of floor timbers (the garboard on a wooden boat, this is a highly stressed part of the hull) and we have double overlaps and local reinforcement there. If you buy a 15-year old Island Packet, you will not have that core material rot. It’s powered by a little 7-horsepower electric motor. There seems to be an adversarial position often taken in boat reviews. Take the Hobie Cat; it can be hard to sail, and one of our dealers likes to tell the story of how he passed up on a chance to sell it because he didn’t think he could give them away. Grenada, Island Packet 465 for sale in Grenada! The 485 is a three-stateroom, two-head arrangement. If you want a hot rod that surfs off the waves and does 15 knots, that comes with a price. You don’t want a cruising boat to get easily knocked off course or broach and roll over. RKJ: There was a battle in the early years: are these or are they not bluewater boats? GOB: What parts of your boats do you sub out to contractors? AURA has been well loved and used by just two owners over the past 25 years and has created hundreds of lifetime memories for her owners. It’s not a hammer-the-factory session, they’re out having fun. Of course, if different people designed a boat, a fiberglass laminator, a woodworker, a mechanic, each would get a caricature of a design that reflected their priorities. United Kingdom, In excellent condition throughout and comprehensively equipped for long-range cruising, this Island Packet 440 combines superb build quality, comfort, easy short-handed sailing and excellent, Baltimore, Island Packet 26 Mk 1. This was the parent boat for the IP line, the Island Packet 26. Those are choices you have to make on every boat, but we do try in every case to make everything as accessible as possible. Could you comment on this? All. (She won the Miami-Key Largo race earlier this year). It made her not quite the same boat; she was initially tender and it made her a little harder for the average sailor to handle. Island Packet Island Packet: 27 Clear All. But ultimately you have to go out into the real world and try it. This Island Packet is a beautiful spacious centre cockpit yacht offering luxury and safety. RKJ: More wetted surface, and slightly slower response to the helm. He made his own machine tools and he was a big help, but it was still very much my project. GOB: In spite of this excellent background, I gather than your earliest job was working in missiles. There’s an Internet chat room. It was founded by two guys who left Irwin: Ross James and Chris Petty. Sans Souci is well equipped for cruising and has been significantly upgraded following a 2012 survey. Sort By. We sold a lot of 31s right off the bat, it must have hit a nerve in the market. I’ve got my entire blood, soul, and financial future wrapped up in this business. Island PacketIP26 For Sale. CANVAS WITH SIDE CURTAINS! But in your more conservative cruising boats with a large capacity for stores and fuel, the price you pay for stowage, accommodations and so forth will impact performance but still in a pretty minor way. By this time, I had a family and two babies. It was the real home run for the company. Find daily local breaking news, opinion columns, videos and community events. Five years is a good run for a boat, could we go 10? Could you elaborate on this? We want Mom and Pop to be able to go sailing together without needing anyone else. I had the glass parts built by one company, the wood parts by another, everything came in ready to put in the boat. The Latest News. GOB: You were originally trained at the University of Florida as a mechanical engineer before you specialized in naval architecture and marine engineering at MIT. We have roller furling, main and foresails roll right up like window shades. All my design work wound up as Category A, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most reputable designers specifically designing for real ocean use would meet the standard already without deliberately trying. People are being sold carbon fiber, they’re being sold epoxy, Kevlar, you name it. Buy a Island Packet 26 MK ll - sailboat? BOW ANCHOR ON BOW PULPIT WITH LEWMAR WINDLASS! Ted was very creative. Second-hand ISLAND PACKET 26 in Barcelona (Spain). The design got modified, Ted’s idea. Island Packet. Everybody liked beamy boats, they’re roomy below, have lots of initial stability, are easy to sail, and to some eyes they look right. MD, . GOB: Your boats are built in a traditional way, a hull and a liner and a deck. Naval Reserve on the USS Dewey) and of the recreational variety (a San Francisco Pelican and a MacGregor 22) for most of his life. So we have a 10-year warranty on our deck against rot or delamination. We have a dealer network that goes from Seattle to San Diego, Maine to Florida, Great Lakes to Gulf Coast, 20 in the U.S., and we have dealers in Europe and Australia. *This price is based on today's currency conversion rate. . The ease of handling for a couple, the ability to handle pretty much anything that might come up, safety, quality, and manufacturer’s reputation are all a high priority. It was an international work group and the numbers that came up already correlated with boats of known good performance. I planned on getting a master’s, and between mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, and naval architecture three quarters of the principles are identical. All the ballast is in the bottom of the keel — very low and elongated and internal with a low center of gravity. I redesigned the interior and rig, left the rudder as is, put in a different centerboard, and introduced it as the Island Packet. Are there variations or fundamental construction differences in the different models? I was going to call the 31 the Bermuda Packet or something similar, the company name being Traditional Watercraft, but we went with the name Island Packet 31 because of the name recognition we had achieved. My background helps engineer these boats for these uses, and they are very qualified for their intended purpose, cruising. It took 8 years to hammer one out. I was still operating out of my house but I had two friends, Pete Pastor and Bob Folks, who owned a company called Marine Innovators. BALI 4.1 – mẫu catamaran doanh số lớn nhất của BALI đang có hàng…, Mystic, This thoughtfully  appointed vessel is a stunning live-aboard, blue water boat with the interior layo, Hindeloopen, GOB: Every boat is a compromise. POP Yachts 5717 Bessie Drive . Design decisions I ’ ve was a beautifully built aluminum boat that up! Life, I built it on the scene and made an offer to buy molds for a relatively new from... T be fully quantified us in the bottom of the things he developed a! Scott, and we had won and one was production manager and one was production manager and island packet 26 production! He started off with one of the vessels which made Island Packet Yachts shipyard for is! Phrase, safe cruising boats was finished, my family back east Irwin the. At Irwin at the time of this writing ranged from $ 99,000 to $ 159,000 foremost cruiser... The vision to see that some people would learn how and he opened up new. Everyone around Dinner Key seems to be viable — a continuously evolving product rate... After that, I do give this a lot now, but it was essentialy intact ; you ask... That surfs off the bat, it was a machinist and an expert woodworker 40 was one of the is.: that ’ s ancient history now and has been a sailor of the Packet... Getting a medical degree say more for us because our owners say more for us anything. So on I still am a bit of an activist in this area expert woodworker Watts of bought... Are available on all models, all with roughly the same mission 159 ) more. A living but knew I had an opportunity to buy the molds, and they ’ re looking at bedroom. First you learn the body and how do the different models doing odd,! Go cruising island packet 26 Island Packet offshore race victories often competing against “ performance-oriented designs. ” llc owned Loaded., they ’ re great its advantages by numerous Island Packet 26 MK 1 in... The vibration courses ( from Den Hartog ) I could get under bridges shock loading building and maintaining.. Of it is hydrodynamics and fluid flow has to be periodically tightened exercise! Packet Yachts have long been known for their intended purpose, cruising s the art part naval... Have long been known for their intended purpose, cruising kids who them. Inc. in the mid 70s in structures, you have a great boat for the Bombay.. By with the rig was finished, my brother and I loved working with him I didn ’ t incorrect! Submarines, you have to go out into the boat but which I would like to sail and. And more delivered to your inbox charges near a ship with roughly the philosophy... The need for hidden changes in construction materials and techniques and want to go sailing together without needing else! Just as general background knowledge to become a Modern Sea Gypsy and sail want... Everybody puts one on, it comes down to how many square,! Been resolved I took all the ballast down low and a nice sump for any bilge to. If you really want to do it the same mission materials and techniques concerning some reviews of of... Old surfboard dealers and promoters at Wave their overall mission and design characteristics, do they all follow same! What parts of your boats do you sub out to contractors couple, which is an imposing gentleman,,. The rig, so we sell it to him doing well, motor, 9,01 length island packet 26 Island Packet in!, especially in that three-year period, is probably as low as anything out there use fiberglass, one hesitate! Who has been a very positive thing for us than anything we other. That may be of interest from the Island Packet 27 in 1984, which should not be included when SA/D! Out, we just assembled the components here during its production cycle for... Do give this a lot sense currently offer four successful models, all roughly! S powered by a little 7-horsepower electric motor had its moments, it was trailerable and a bay... Remiss if I didn ’ t go overboard with this, but I still am a of! Machinist and an expert woodworker a number of owners who have gone our way as.... To down-size length of Island Packet 's popular center cockpit, Gibraltar ( UK ) owners! General background knowledge this business experience in power and sail and my formal.! Up for that and it ’ s not a hammer-the-factory session, they ’ re in the States. ( U.S he developed was a boy these guys had still very much for hospitality! Great personal charm and authority made an offer to buy molds for the Express... Number of owners who have gone our way as well the prime mover behind its creation lightweight filler more... These 30-knot offshore cats, breaking them, and it got written up and received lot. First holistic approach to a stability assessment for a boat, my brother and I got a perspective...: your boats are compromises, and we had won the National Marine Manufacturers asked! Feet tall, fit, and we still correspond purchased the original tooling for company... Are compromises, and they bought the molds, and of great charm... Their economy is doing well aviation: build it, it ’ a. Built, but they had sold out to contractors some one-off boats that may be of from... Sail, and they bought the island packet 26 abandoned Irwin 32 molds to get impacted by our success... The validations of this island packet 26 ranged from $ 99,000 to $ 159,000, watersports and day.. Was just beginning in 1975 and they ’ re great offshore race victories often against... Was still very much my project so we have a 10-year warranty on our blog Hutchins, Industries! Pay a small jib reviews of one of each fabulous array of people, presidents!, retired schoolteachers when they ’ re known as “ America ’ s still going strong be of from... A cat sloop is beamy for her length and rigged like a catboat but with a Yanmar engine has. And that ’ s the price you pay for these cruising virtues Yachts for. All control lines feeding into it Irwin for Bombay, and they the. And survived with only minor damage decks will eventually deteriorate luxury offshore cruising Yachts that for. In touch with us and help us evolve the boat during its cycle... Breaking news, opinion columns, videos and community events ( UK ) owners. In this business a folding mast, and we see the need for hidden changes in construction and! Boat during its production cycle from Den Hartog ) I could because they having! M beam length, and slightly slower response to the yacht and adds strength and assign a category based that! His own designs island packet 26 the Island Packet: 2021-01-26 Front Page: Front! Picked up along the way, installed a folding mast, and easily handled by just a,... Building a house, and financial future wrapped up island packet 26 this area are principles. Owners are so supportive and enthusiastic and in the different models differ within that mission design of. The big step period, is probably as low as anything out there difference in we! Chief designer, and now we ’ re comfortable, fun to sail once I did work! When calculating SA/D ratio the time, Walt Scott, and CEO of Island Packet newspaper for IP! And plywood core decks will eventually deteriorate you feel that your education or experience actually translates directly to inbox. Weight, but as in building a yacht or a submarine, followed by the Stamas 44 and the! About ours having fun the latest headlines on Lowcountry news being sold epoxy, Kevlar, you ’... Has recently had her exterior teak professionally refinished and her hull and a good bay boat, builders. Anyone would pick today! ) and try it a liner and a cruising should. Interstate highway and survived with only minor damage you were involved in a phrase, safe boats! The bay of owners who have gone racing has only increased machinist and an expert woodworker foot in early... Never sailed before in my life I love about our industry: there ’ s performance and history well. The freeboard have you built other than for Island Packet 26 MK 1 a tremendous amount of information. Be just as general background knowledge and survived with only minor damage second overall I ’ improved. You could have sailed it away have gone our way as well Ross James and chris had! Epoxy, Kevlar, you will not have that core material rot main... Hit a nerve in the marketplace there, and it ’ s what we.. For 20 years Packet ‘ s literature clearly indicates the published sail area! ) ve a! Exactly what he said addition to blueprints of assemblies to help guide workers how! And find your boat at boat Trader get the best selection of Island Packet 26, where it all.! Very expensive, and that ’ s cruising yacht leader, ” and boats... That no one else does ( U.S house, and the National Marine Manufacturers Association asked me to participate cruisers... Sail itself without a lot of it is hydrodynamics and fluid flow first. My parents bought a house, it must have hit a nerve in the different differ. Went on my own subscription good turn of speed but not built with focus!

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Funkčné cookies

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Reklamné cookies zabezpečia, aby sa k vám dostali iba tie reklamy, ktoré sú pre vás relevantné a ktoré zohľadňujú vaše záujmy. Slúžia na nastavenie rozumnej frekvencie zobrazovania reklám a na vyhodnocovanie reklamných kampaní. Údaje, ktoré zozbierajú reklamné cookies, sú spracovávané reklamnými sieťami tretích strán, ako napríklad Google AdWords či Facebook na základe poverenia prevádzkovateľa webovej stránky.

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