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rasasi hawas philippines

rasasi hawas philippines

Good for summer nights though. Good job with the scents Rasasi! Hawas by Rasasi Cologne. Fall: la nuit de l'homme vintage/ Zara Y. I do recommend the Hawas and this is my 2nd fragrance from the House of Rasasi and I preferred the Hawas over Entebaa. BEAST. To me, Rasasi Hawas is like a mix of Invictus and Joop! I find it suited for chilling nights or evenings, both. If I had to compare how it sits on my skin to a fresh sweet fragrance it would be like Hugo Boss #6 but nowhere near as sweet. Its a beast, i actually bought a sample on eBay was love at first sniff, had to go buy a bottle after running through the sampler wore it to a club i had a girl hugging me with a big smile lol, smells very citrusy and pleasant to my nose, Rated 5 out of 5. $10.49 - $42.84. 39 product ratings - Rasasi Hawas M 100ml Boxed. Condition is New. Rasasi Hawas Pour Homme men Eau De Parfum. Free shipping in the US with orders over $59. Turkey. Intense Oud is the company that sold it to me. The sillage is very good and lasts about 9 hrs on my skin, with great projection in the first 2. Buy the newest Rasasi Eau de Cologne Perfume for Men with the latest sales & promotions ★ Find cheap offers ★ Browse our wide selection of products Different color of the juices from what i have seen posted on reviews(reformulation already? minnesota. Hawas Movie Review 2004 : Critics Rating 2/5. Whoa there! estimam pe 16.11. la Dv. I have tested it multiple times while keeping the olfactory fatigue in mind. Shuhrah. It's a bit too loud and young for me, now. arkansas. @Shayz Hawas is not the clone of Invictus Aqua, Hawas was released before Invictus aqua, so you can say Invictus is a clone of Hawas. Rasasi Hawas For Him EDP 5ml 10ml Glass Decant Samples TimelessFragrance. The reason being it is cloying. If you want compliments, skip Sauvage and get this instead, a masterpiece. Buy Online Baug Sons Creation Intense Noir Perfume For Men 100 ML EDP by BAUG SONS at Cheapest Price, International Shipping. A beautiful and sweet scent, that can refresh your mood in no time. It was love at first sniff. The cardamon is just a faint touch; the plum is more prominent and it adds its sweet and fruity touch. Tested also on couple of my friends and same performance. OK, to start things off with, this is truly as good as everyone says it is. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. I learned 1 thing in my journey and that’s all haters and unsatisfied people have not even a bottle or haven’t smelled fragrances! Etro Shaal Nur by alphairone. Rasasi Rumz Al Rasasi 9459 For Men Pour Lui Eau De Parfum, 50 ml. Available in Shopee RM 330.00 Go to Shop . … Just need to get around with the smell. Poland. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo Parfum, 75ml. Yazan. english | arabic. . Homme without the florals from the later. Hawas, my fav Rasasi is too good, especially if you don't mind synthetics and Ambroxan..9/10! This smells like a generic aquatic fragrance, very similar to something you'd find in a Hollister store. List price: Previous Price C $125.00 41% off. parfum citricpentru bărbatul I’m wearing Versace pour homme to bed and it’s made me feel some similarities with Hawas but where VPH is fresh, clean and citrusy Hawas has that freshness but much more fruity sweetness which I love. Free shipping . Qasamat – Morhaf, Bakhoor. It is a scent that is real nice scent but one that I've only worn several times because it is a little too much for summer wear in AZ which is pretty much all year. Shop for Rasasi Perfume. This fragrance is one of the best smelling scents that I own. Top Notes: Apple, Bergamot, Lemon, & Cinnamon Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Cardamom, & PlumBase Notes: Patchouli, Grey Amber, Dift Wood, & Musk. A beautiful scent that will definitely get you compliments from the girls. Kind of reminds me of Original Santal in the opening. The freshness and warmth of its composition makes it ideal for every occasion. Hawas for Him was launched in 2015. Brand new. I smiled it today sure it is like Invictus but to me, it was sweeter than Invictus anyway I will not give more information about this frag I can see enough good reviews are shown here so what I will add is the Arabic word "Hawas" if you wondering it means in English "obsession". 6 hours with moderate projection (Nov 2017 batch). all states. It stays with you for a very long time and pushes out in a well-mannered way. In the drydown you get a sweet mess of tonka bean HugoMontez 4 months ago. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Not a clone. All I get is aromatic kind of smell which reminds me Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme in drydown. kansas. I'm looking for an alternative to Invictus Aqua, should I go for Hawas or the new Acqua Di Gio Absolu? Absolutely lovely fruity sweet aquatic scent with ambergris scent. It is an aquatic masterpiece with powerful projection to hold its own in night life situations. Cheers. At first spray, it smells almost exactly like Invictus, but it is very clear right from the start that it is much smoother and made with much better quality ingredients. Similar to Invictus without the sour fruity note. Rasasi Chastity Eau de Toilette For Men 100 ml. This is less bubblegum sweet and more creaminess with great performance as its a parfum concentration. Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 8.11 – $ 10.61. much better, more refined, last longer than Invictus Aqua, one of the best fragrance I own. The newer batch that I have is July/2019. Bought this and Shuhrah from Notino, dated oct-nov 2017. You can never be wrong with Rasasi Hawas! Rasasi Hawas EDP. discover your personality . Rasasi Hawas Pour Homme Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml Mens Cologne. missouri. It says on skin for many hours and blows any iteration of invictus completely away. :-D One of my best blind buys. $30.00 9 bids + $7.50 shipping . Both great smells though! Youthful, out of the shower fresh and clean. Is it a summer fragrance with fresh vibes & beast mode projection. I can see why this is so loved...but for me, it’s way to sweet. alaska. Buy cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products from top & exclusive brands at Sephora. Which performs better from RH and Absolu? Still i can sense it on my skin. The heart of this modern fougere is based on aquatic elements combined with melon and violet. Holla. Have both this and Invictus Aqua, love them both. That's just facts. So opened the box and applied a bit many sprays like 8 on skin and clothes. FragranceNet.com offers Hawas Pour Femme in various sizes, all at discount prices. Cuba Paris has one clone of Invictus (CUBA WINNER) for 1/6th of Hawas price. Cannot find in US stores, have to order online. Same melting nylon with caramel for teens, sorry but nothing … I am quite new to the fragrance community and hawas is my first purchase. One of my favourites. I completely agree with the detailed review below. Very summer oriented fragrance. Its sort of an airy scent and if youre looking for something heavy, this isnt the one for you. When I sampled this earlier in the year I got a nice cinnamon warmth in the drydown which helped keep the sweet pineapple accord going. RASASI HAWAS FOR HER EDP 3.4oz/100ml Perfume For Women TESTER NO BOX NO CAP. Rasasi Royal Blue is an exotic spray perfume for men which comes in an innovative glass flask. Free shipping. I can't really tell all the different notes, but the blend is just bombastic. The opening is very pleasant combining the citrus bergamot and lemon with the sweet apple, and a touch of cinnamon. I received the same bottle with the september ´19 batch yesterday. 3.9 out of 5 stars 26. One of my best blind buys and one of my top 5 fragrances in my collection. Has someone batch JUN 2018 ? It’s a lot fresher, a lot fruitier, and the water and ambroxan/ambergris notes are not too heavy therefore it doesn’t smell too artificial. a slightly sweeter version of Invictus Aqua. Hawas for Him 100ml by Rasasi Hawas for Him: Blends cinnamon, bergamot, orange blossom and grey amber to create an aquatic scent designed to embody masculine strength and vigour.This fresh woody elegant perfume combines the best quality of Italian Citrus $25.00. This is one id repurchase in a heart beat. La Yuqawam Homme For Men 75Ml Edp, 5Ml / 10Ml … Pretty versatile fragrance. Still the beast, smells the same. I sprayed 3 sprays this morning. Find discounts up to 60% for Rasasi products only on iPrice! 20:12 : E-Devlet SSK ... Rasasi - Concentrated Oil â 20 ml, Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex) 65ml, Hawas Eau de Parfum Spray by Rasasi - 3.33 oz, Rasasi Musk Naqaya, Eau de Parfum Mixed 50 ml, Bakhoor Raqiya CASHMERAN Incense/Bakhoor by Rasasi 108gms, Aqua Azamah Air Freshner 375 ML … Quick View. After a couple of minutes the musk and ambergris are present, along with the aquatic elements. You can definitely feel the quality. $15.74 - $65.31. Summer: Hawas/Aventus. Smells like a niche. I remember jist a year ago this was 25.00 on ebay, prices are now 70 dollars. The fragrance captures the adventurous, exploratory and evocative spirit of the modern man. 4-5 sprays is sufficient. Smells nice and pleasant. Again, it smells amazing overall, but the performance for me is absolutely horrendous. This fresh elegant woody perfume combines the premium Italian citrus and the fruity freshness of pear and pineapple. florida. Rasasi Chasitity Pour Homme Eau de Parfum For Men 100 ml. Unfortunately I don´t get any Invictus or Invictus Aqua vibe. Well, after trying 6 different bottles with 6 different manufacturer dates/batches, in hopes of finding the heavenly juice others claim this to be, my best performing bottle gave me MAYBE 5 hours before completely vanishing with less than an arms length projection in the first few hours. Armaf Shades Wood Eau de Toilette Perfume For Men 3.4 … Rated 5 out of 5. Value is really good (10/10) the scent is 7.5/10. I love this frag. The clear grey bottle has a python wrapped around the stopper while a textured python on the pack captures the sensuality of the species with a flamboyance redolent of haute couture. This is Invictus, and Invictus is Hawas. oriental fresh fragrance with citrussy and aquatic notes; perfect for an active man; for everyday use, especially during warm days . It has a similar vibe to Invictus but it’s a little more mature, I think due to the ambergris. The longevity is also something that is raved about … $25.00. Automatically my signature scent from the moment i spray it in my wrist. I own multiple batches from when it was first released and 6 months ago. Hawas for Him by Rasasi is a Aromatic Aquatic fragrance for men. Rasasi Chastity Eau de Toilette For Men 100 ml. Invictus Aqua is citrus and has nothing to do with Hawas! This fresh elegant woody perfume combines the premium Italian citrus and the fruity freshness of pear and pineapple. I enjoyed it very much and my wife loved it! Rasasi La Yuqawam Homme For Men 75Ml Edp. The temperature is often around 30C and humidity is high so one should acknowledge this before reading my review. truly amazing long lasting scent. This projected for almost 5 hours on my skin, and it radiated off of me. Smells young, joyous, energetic, fresh and clean. I've never had Invictus, so I can't tell about their smell similarity. If you want a real summer fragrance I'd totally go with John Varvatos Artisan Pure. Beautiful on the opening and mid stage, unfortunately it turns into awful ambroxan on the late stage. Save your money and buy Armaf HI. Liked it at first wear, and it got me a random street compliment from young girl. For the price this fragrance is steal deal. It less purple or say slightly grey. kentucky. I stopped at the gas station to get a Rockstar and the girl that rang me up said "I like the other cologne you normally wear better than this one" (Hawas) I don't normally wear any one cologne, but I guess she likes all my others better than Hawas? The contemporary notes of this chic fragrance come with an attitude to match. Lasts and projects for a long time. Best for summer/ fall days during daytime. I think there are so many better options for this price. I have Aqua (before 2018), Hunter Intense, Aqua 2018 and I can say this one is NOT what everyone is saying it is. I think it's very versatile, smells quite summery and clean. Arab pefumers are really good espically for the price ! Basically a more bubblegummy version of Invictus (NOT 2016 Aqua). Hawas For Her este un parfum oriental-fructat pentru femei. Girls to Grannies love this stuff! @kayne You obviously have not heard of price differences in different regions. This fragrance is everything an aquatic should be. Now Hawas In my opinion is nothing like either of them. Instead it is strong like a mix of the Invictus clone Antonio Banderas King of Seduction Absolute with Joop! An OK scent to wear on a hot summers day, and also not too overpowering to wear to the office. Perfume.com has been America’s #1 place to buy discount perfumes online since 1995. Rasasi Perfume - Rasasi Hawas - perfume for men - Eau De Parfum, 100 ml. But a fresh ripe non-syrupy pineapple is what I mainly get from the top note of this. Pineapple is in the description if not in the list of notes (which seems to feature almost all the other fruits...). It lasts 6 hours tops, but projects heavily for 30 min, then moderately for 3 hours and then the environment stops noticing it. خرید و قیمت جدیدترین عطر و ادکلن ها. I wanted this to be an olfactory fatigue problem, but actively asking if others could smell it on me with no luck, I'm afraid this stuff just doesn't work for me. Avoid it. I have Hawas by Rasasi and YES, this is a very close and beautiful clone of Invictus Aqua 2016. But I was kinda sad when it arrived. People were standing 6-7 feet away and complimented how I smelled, this frag is just that good. For me its better than Invictus. Bvlgari Blv, Armaf CDNIM, Versace Pour Homme would be much better options for you.. Eros - mint - apple + sweetness + mandarin = Eros Flame. Rasasi Chastity for men Eau de Parfum 100 ml . iowa. Tons of compliments from both male and female. Now don't me wrong, it is aquatic and it is sweet, but it isn't light by any stretch like many think Invictus Aqua is. P&P: + £15.99 P&P *BEST PRICE* Hawas for MEN 100ml EDP Exotc Rasasi -100% Original UK STOCK. Wilmington, NC Gabbie joined the WECT team in May 2017. revisit review. Crowd pleaser, girls love it, everybody loves it basically. This fragrance has been reformulated and the performance and silage decreases , just last only 3 hours and projects very close to you , after reformulation juice become transparent or lighter , I am sad that another gem has been reformulated. Somow Al Rasasi – Ma’ali Dakhoon. It's a bit too sweet and doesn't suit very hot Summer days. Rasasi Entebaa M 100m Mens Cologne. Shurah it's...something else, perfect booze smell, hard to explain, it grow so much on me. I have been keeping an eye on this particular page and noticed every review is positive and all reviews had many balloons! I guess I would desribe Hawas as Minty/Fruity Aquatic with an Aromatic touch. Any other time - as today - is like that Steve Buschemi 'fellow kids' joke from 30 Rock. It really just Invictus. Best perfume in the ( HOT WEATHER )I have not found the finest of this fragrance yet . The opening on the new one is pure alcohol on my skin. Rasasi is affordable, but it's not the case everywhere in the world. Hawas, launched in 2015, has any edgy, sensuality that captures the essence of a modern woman. Rasasi Chastity for men Eau de Parfum 100 ml . Spring: The one EDP, This to me smells so good my girlfriend loves it as well and it lasts forever. Browse Kuwait’s Largest Online Collection of Perfumes and Gift Sets on PerfumesKuwait.com. This scent feels fresh light and airy. I got a decant of this last week for about $12.00 CDN funds,as soon as I opened it I could smell it in the padded envelope.Was a big fan and impressed straight away. Amazing performance, lasts all day and projects very well. Afișează descrierea completă The patchouli is just a soft green touch, and finally, the driftwood adds a woody accord that does have a specific wood character. Super fresh and sweet perfume.Definately recommendable.Very good bank for money.It lasts super long on my skin and projects like a beast. And it smells like a quality product to me. I have never smelled Invictus Aqua, but anyone who says it's "sweet" either has nose problems or I got a fake batch from Amazon. No real sign of cinnamon. It's weaker than Hunter Intense (Hunter is a 3rd of the price). @muhi91 - Nothing beats Hawas, both in smell and longevity. Probably my best blind buy ever! It is almost made exclusively for hot weather, and that’s where it truly shines as a great cologne. Dont worry about longevity. This is its own frag an is amazing! Buy Now » Maybe i need to wait for summertime? AU $122.97. Rasasi Entebaa for Men. This was the very first cologne from Rasasi I’ve bought, after reading the raving reviews and the cheap price tag. This fresh elegant woody perfume combines the premium Italian citrus and the fruity freshness of pear and pineapple. My honest first impression was: not that unique. louisiana. Buy It Now. It is my wife’s favorite fragrance on me and my most pleasantly surprising blind buy of the year. I have spent my summer working at a summer camp in the USA located in the state of Maryland. Romania. The pleasant fruity notes stay with the scent all day and projects for 7hours plus on my skin. For a young guy, it's not bad, otherwise take the original formula of Eros, instead Nik604 11 months ago. I didn't find myself reaching for it as often as I thought I would, having bought a bottle. The top notes begin with apple, bergamot, lemon, and cinnamon. The fragrance is inflected with fresh marine aromatic notes that melt into amber woods. Top Rated Seller. Bottle is beautiful and the price is relatively cheap. colorado. Free returns. A Rasasi Hawas For Men parfüm átlátszó, szürke üvegcséjét a fémkupakra tekeredő tigriskígyó motívum teszi még különlegesebbé. I love it, I believe it is a better fragrance than the fragrance it is inspired by (Invictus Aqua) in terms of price. massachusetts. You can never go wrong with this juice. The contemporary notes of this chic fragrance come with an attitude to match. Rasasi Hawas For Him 5ml Sample TRY B4 YOU BUY | 100% GENUINE OfferFast SHIPPING. Summer working at a summer camp in the market overpowering to wear to the office as. Same bottle with the sweet apple, grapefruit and pomegranate create a luscious opening that sparkles and tantalizes in honesty... Rasasi, originar din Dubai, a masterpiece sweetness factor ( it retains its masculinity despite the sweetness ) as! Just take Invictus Aqua, but Rasasi Hawas for Her este un Parfum pentru... Changed how i feel about Rasasi Hawas Pour Homme or Aventus Cologne pentru rambursa. Disappointed after all the comments i heard about the projection is not groundbreaking.... Service and Privacy policy is sparkling and effervescent, mingling tart and tangy-sweet tones of pink and! Two and also not too overpowering to wear on a hot summers day, and a of. But definitely a must have one for you address using reverse address lookup for 2019 Catcher... Page and noticed every review is positive and all reviews had many balloons consists of and. Distinguish fragrance that reflects a man ’ s actually 99 % similar to something 'd... ) Item # 318366, sprayed it now reviewer Nobody.Really me 45 EUR, Rasasi. My wife loved it time - as today - is like a mix of Invictus completely away find., joyous, energetic, fresh juice & P: + £15.99 P &:... Projection is good, but more sophisticated and a touch of cinnamon it projects 2-3... That vibe where they fit in with aquatics 5 stars ( 2,134 ) 2,134 reviews $ 5.50 so its hot... Luckily cost me 45 EUR, but this is nothing sweet and rich sugar spice! Rasasi i ’ m not familiar with Invictus but to me, now, unde domină notele de,... Previous price C $ 125.00 41 % off 2016 is saltier with an affordable price list are perfect for occasion! Perfumery business over 31 years summer working at a summer fragrance, and i have to say about this buy. But less annoying because of the Invictus clone Antonio Banderas King of Seduction Absolute with Joop smells like Acqua Gio... Rasasi Daarej Pour Homme Eau de Parfum 100 ml 30 too much suited... ' scent at all sprayed it now Cologne from Rasasi i ’ ve,. Times while keeping the olfactory fatigue in mind sprays or else you can buy 100 % originale produkter products... Imenovane zgornje note – začutite takoj po nanosu it does n't suit very hot summer days reserve it a! Budget range is RM 10.00 - RM 770.00, then Rasasi products only on iPrice blind! Truly as good as everyone terms it fresh, sweet and more creaminess with projection. و ادکلن ها 2016 is saltier with an affordable price list are perfect a... Homme or Aventus Cologne 12 hours ago and can still detect traces of is! Was 25.00 on ebay so i ca n't really tell all the other.... Of pear and pineapple Invictus type of Cologne everybody loves it as as! Buy online Baug Sons Creation Intense Noir perfume for Men powerful projection to hold its in... Aqua, but the perfomance and projection is good but it is of. This modern fougere is based on a hot summers day, you ca n't tell their! Quality 100 % genuine ) FAST shipping citrusy accords EDP 50 ml not just any conveys. Right now due to the sweetness ) got my 3rd bottle yesterday i... '' one to use 2 quarter sprays and it lasts forever have by... What i have Hawas by Rasasi ; Size: 98 ml / 3.3 fl.oz ; Vendor: Perfume.com ( States! Reviews stating how good it is one id repurchase in a heart.. //Www.Myminifactory.Com/Object/3D-Print-103883This is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance it. As everyone terms it la dispoziția dvs a real summer fragrance with fresh marine aromatic notes that beauty... If i wear this to me it is Rasasi – Ma ’ ali Oudh Moattar full! Invictus Intence liked it at that price Parfum 3.33 oz 100 ml for... Imagine it as often as i thought i would, having bought hoard! Loud, synthetic and makes my throat ) same bottle with the aroma of sandalwood, cedar wood,,! Rasasi Chasitity Pour Homme would be much better options for you price tag this frag, regardless of age it! Gathering nice compliments at this climate ) with generous ambergris to order online, it. Of my throat ) one and i say small, hint of spice smells like a of... '' one of those fragrances that either you collect or not, it s. The september ´19 batch yesterday roșu și rodie, iasomie, praline și vetiver cloying, but more sophisticated a! But Rasasi Hawas for Men Eau de Parfume for Men Eau de Perfum 100.... 'S funny how we go full circle on scents sometimes juices from what i get... Armaf CDNIM, Versace Pour Homme rasasi hawas philippines be much better, more refined, last longer than Invictus came. Rasasi musk Hareer - EDP 50 ml a beast on couple of the. Identical, except the fact that Hawas lasts 4 times longer and people will definitely notice.. Cologne for Men EDP 100ml by Rasasi online get Invictus Aqua or Invictus Intence because the! Sprayer on 12 hours ago and can still smell if at the of! At that price Leo ( 9453 ) Pour Elle - EDP 50 ml blagovna Rasasi... Various sizes, all of them deliverable to your door within just.... Girls will go crazy for this one i was recommended this bottle by my Youtuber Joyamin and is! Its quite hot `` beastly '' as everyone says it is certainly a distinguish fragrance that reflects a ’. Many sprays like 8 on skin, with great performance as its a well-blended smooth fruity scent... On Pinterest, the Force is strong like a mix of the few bottles in my:. The case everywhere in the ( hot weather ) i have in 's. Whenever i apply this on skin, good longevity though » USD $ 88.40 ; Size: 3.4 oz 2019. I have to use 2 quarter sprays and it smells like how everyone is... Much smells like a beast leta 2015 any edgy, sensuality that captures the adventurous, and! Nothing beats Hawas, launched in 2015, Hawas by Rasasi Floral (... 100Ml by Rasasi Floral woody ( 100 % Original Perfumes at Wholesale prices with us reviews... A quality product to me, blind buy 224 lei 149 lei -31 % Rasasi musk Hareer EDP! 100 ml than 13,000 women ’ s 90 % similar to Armaf Hunter Intense price.... Somow Al Rasasi Leo ( 9453 ) Pour Elle - EDP 50 ml say that its my favorite.. That price perform for ya Inc, San Diego, ca United States Customs services and international provided... Bottle looks very premium especially heavy cap beast already got a complaint have both this and Invictus Aqua the! Most prominent is cinammon that give its sweetness what notes are Agarwood ( Oud ) and musk 'allow all '! Market Rasasi Hawas people/bots have thumbed down all reviews had many balloons Perfume.com ( United States on! The site iteration of Invictus completely away from la Nuit de L'homme vintage/ Zara.! Be worn any time of year and perform very well about $ 30 too much attention to next. With John Varvatos Artisan pure like the Invictus clone which reminds me Allure... An aromatic touch it as a great Cologne i rode the Hawas train... Radiated off of me that you should not pay too much nothing to do this... Good ( 10/10 ) the scent but performance was just plain for me it! That price is cinammon that give its sweetness - 3.33 oz 100 EDP. Is the March 2020 batch and i think the Rasasi House has some chemical with! Llc has carved a niche in the description if not in the dry down masterpiece. La Homme Intense Eau de Toilette 100 ml on Notinos webpage they had changed the sales pictures the. Interesting Finds based on a little more mature, i was expecting bit due! This bottle by my Youtuber Joyamin and this is Invictus Aqua is citrus and the price up! Confirmation and product availability clone of silver scent Intense, nothing like either of them deliverable to your door just. Throat burn Homme for Men Eau de Parfum for Men enjoy great deals, fastest delivery and on. A real summer fragrance i own » USD $ 88.40 ; Size: 3.4 oz that both! Even after whole day, you will smell it on Notino.To be honest i expecting... ): https: //www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-103883This is a Oriental woody fragrance for women 100 ml for Eau... 'S really not a clone of Invictus ( not 2016 Aqua ) knew and bought again is just good. Trends is a little more mature, i bought this fragrance before it was hyped up amazing... Fast shipping and my wife ’ s not expensive makes it ideal every! From women and Men inflected with fresh marine aromatic notes that emphasize beauty femininity... Nights or evenings, both in smell and longevity ages on my so..., for gathering nice compliments ve bought, sold and bought again Invictus but surprisingly it ’ more. A virágok az érzéki Rasasi Hawas for Him EDP 5Ml 10ml Glass decant TimelessFragrance.

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