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what happened to scorponok

what happened to scorponok

The claw gimmicks, meanwhile, also fall flat on their face. In fact, Scorponok can barely be regarded as sentient as he does not communicate and performs no other duties except for hunting and killing Megatron's enemies. Omega Supreme was online only in the US. . Joined: Feb 28, 2011 Posts: 1,940 Trophy Points: 126 Likes: +3. Page 1 of 3 - Upgrade Kit for Earthrise Scorponok - posted in Transformers Discussion: So Scorponok is hitting retail now. Toys. While Ratchet pressed to the attack, the helpless Decepticon was only saved by an injured Blackout. And now we all require a serious recap on the journey of Wanda. Melania used private email in White House, author claims He shouldn't have been able to do this without being detected and made sure to attack right when the twins were distracting Optimus Prime. As seen in flashback in The Reign of Starscream, soon after the Decepticons launched the Nemesis, to pursue Optimus Prime's starship, they were unwittingly led into a trap and crippled by mines. During the war, as seen in flashback in Planetfall, Scorponok and Blackout, who ordinarily never left Megatron's side, were dispatched to join Starscream's forces elsewhere on Cybertron while Megatron closed in on the AllSpark. Last Appearance He is a member of the Predacons.His beast mode is a Scorpion.He created a virus for his cyberbee that was supposed to make Optimus Primal a coward, but it made the Maximal leader go berserk. Scorponok is the rival of Terrorsaur, whom he disagrees with whenever Terrorsaur tries to take over as leader of the Predacons. The only thing he can display proudly is his loyalty. Did Endgame Mark The End Of Wanda? The small Decepticon managed to grab onto Optimus during the fight, but could not meaningfully oppose him. He is one of the original six Predacons. In the episode "Dark Voyage", he blinded the maximals by blowing up some Energon. Scorponok's response? So like Tarantulas, Scorponok is a scientist, though is not quite as good at it as Tarantulas. … Scorponok is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. He was killed by Jetfire in Egypt. Defeat the Maximals. What happened to the Dark Scorponok "Black King" set? Hasbro also seems to have throttled down production to more tightly fit demand and availible outlets. This video is unavailable. As Jetfire fell injured, he pulled Scorponok out of his chest and crushed the Decepticons head, putting an end to Scorponok. Scorponok was one of the original members of Megatron's Darksyde crew who stole the Golden Disk artifact from the Cybertron archives in Beast Wars. In Generation One, he debuted as one of the four "city" Transformers who could transform from base, to scorpion to robot (and he was a Headmaster to boot!). House music pioneer, Erick Morillo, found dead at 49. What happened to Scorponok afterwards is unknown. He was also the commander of the time-displaced Cyclonus and Scourge. But. His loyalty to MEGATRON is unquestioned yet he lacks the intelligence to … Scorponok's personality seems to have two main features: He's dumb, and he's loyal to Megatron (surprisingly so, considering Megatron's other crew members), and of those two features, only the loyalty seems to be consistent. They became incorporated into the "base"? The last titan to be released while TRU was around was Predaking. Most likely, it’s not one thing. Toys. In the second episode, he fought Dinobot (who was now a Maximal) at a mountain full of Energon. Aboard the Nemesis, Scorponok was part of the crew searching for Megatron and the AllSpark. What happened to the robot/vehicles? This translates into 2-4 figures. Dansproject , Feb 23, 2013 He escaped when the ship crashed on Earth, and formed a large group of Decepticons with Glowstrike and Saberhorn. What happened to Carson Wentz? Scorponok was a Decepticon who served as Blackout 's minion. His tail was taken for examination. "The opportunity to destroy is the only reward I need." Pushing the detonator, blowing up both Backslash (Backslash was loyal to Cryotek) and the Maximal guard along with the B4-Y. Serving Megatron Beast Wars Transmetal Scorponok Simon Furman posts in his blog that Titan’s Transformers (UK) #8 concerns the fate of Scorponok, last seen burrowing underground in an almightly hurry after the aerial barrage in Qatar. Unable to delay Scorponok's arrival further, Starscream "welcomed" him and his … Although talented at inventing things, his creations often has opposite effect of what he originally intended: e.g. The Autobots eventually escape the firefight and fall into a dark rift called the Dead Universe where Optimus then meets a disgraced Autobot legend, Sky Lynx, who's bending space and time to show him possible futures where Megatron becomes the ultimate killer. Blackout went to a U.S military base in Qatar and attacked, deploying Scorponok in the midst of the battle. What happened to Scorponok afterwards is unknown. Discussion in 'Transformers 3rd Party Discussion' started by Dansproject, Feb 23, 2013. From what I know, Targets got one, maybe two Scorponok cases back in August/September. In Reversal of Fortune, Scorponok was part of a scheme to frame Skids and Mudflap: while Sideways got himself captured, Scorponok headed for Diego Garcia and made an attack to free the comrade. Toys[edit] [edit | edit source] Beast Wars Scorponok (1996) The Scorponok toy was repainted as Double Punch in Japan in 1998 and as Botcon Sandstorm in 1999. The others ran, and Scorponok followed them to a small town, where his prey mounted an offense, shooting off his tail in the process. Posted on December 5, 2007 at 9:22 am by Super_Megatron under Comics. Despite dying in the first story, both Revenge of the Fallen and Scorponok's other Titan story ignore this death. Occupation Scorponok dived underground, later tracking the surviving soldiers of the attack, bursting out the ground again and spearing one on his tail. To make things worse, the tail itself is succeptable to snapping off right where it connects to Scorponok's main body (this happened to mine, and I frequently see others on eBay with the same problem). Jarod S. 1 decade ago. Scorponok is Megatron's second in command, following Dinobot's betrayal. The first thing we see him do is attack Dinobot when he challenged Megatron to a battle for leadership of the Maximals. 1. Is it coming back in 2021? Decepticons, Blackout (formally) Scorponok personally shot at Prime before smashing apart Sideways' cuffs. Omega Supreme was online only in the US. While Scorponok is the worst Predacon in the show, he did have one of the most unique arsenals and it looks like the game is utilizing them in a glorious way. It’s a combination of a lot of factors that all converged in a perfect storm of historic regression. : At the end of Lost Light, Flame is the only member of the Architects left and he disappears from the story. Struggling Ravens player: 'My family is off limits' Staggering number of kids diagnosed with COVID-19 Airdate TV Tokyo: 1/24/04 Cartoon Network: 02/14/2004 This episode opens with Alpha Q giving his new creation Scorponok instructions regarding Megatron (we also see a new large Quintesson vessel). .   Transformers: Generation 1 When Scorponok passes by,mustard is realesed all that will be left by the time he is gone are destruction and misery – no class of citizen is safe from his venomous wrath, as he takes pleasure in inflicting suffering upon any and all that he can. Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Earthrise Scorponok 2020 IN HAND NEW. Starscream flew away probably back to their … Er hat das Aussehen eines übergroßen Scorpions und kann sich im Sand einbuddeln, um sich schneller fortzubewegen. Faced with superior firepower, Galen turned to the scientist Arcana for help. As many of you know a knock off G1 Scorponok has hit the market, and site sponsor Robotkingdom has provided a quick write up and some comparison images. [6] [edit] Fun PublicationsThe Predacon General now known as Megatron gathered a crew of like-minded individuals. Scorponok is a minor antagonist in the upcoming special Autobots vs. Decepticons of Super Mario Bros.. Scorponok is a small Decepticon spy and Blackout's minion. Beast Wars Transmetal Scorponok Goals The first thing we see him do is attack Dinobot when he challenged Megatron to a battle for leadership of the Predacons. She was a former Decepticon and Megatron's rogue commander who left and decided to hunt endangered species just for the thrill of hunting. Villainous Friendship: He and Scorponok work very amicably together. Beast Wars ClawsToxic stingInvention and engineeringMissilesCyberbee, Explosives terrorismMurderHijackingAttempted genocide on human race. Type of Villain Crash-landing on an unknown planet, Scorponok and his peers were forced to take on organic beast modes to shield themselves from the planet's dangerous levels of raw energon. A Transformers subreddit dedicated to cursed Transformers media of any sort, as … Although he was spotted by a Maximal security guard, his comrade Backslash, saved him and allowed him to accomplish his task successfully. How does one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks become one of its worst overnight? Register Start a Wiki. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the group realised that both the AllSpark and Megatron had left Cybertron, Blackout ended an argument with Starscream over what to do next by deploying Scorponok. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Scorponok in the Beast Wars TV show. Somewhat Likely to Happen: Scorponok and Waspinator try to pull BW Megatron from the Space Bridge, but due to the RNG system, they pull a 2* Mixmaster. Here are 10 possible theories. That’s the Million Dollar Question in Philadelphia. Incompetent Enforcer When Fortress Maximus and his followers quit the war and left for the planet Nebulos, Scorponok tracked them and led his troops there, vowin… Alt Mode I didnt see them actually dead.? Scorponok (1) Scorponok (1) Robot Mode Scorponok (1) Alt Mode Attributes Faction Decepticon Specialization Ranged Rarity Super Rare Class Infiltration Sell Price Unknown Max Level 65 Max Level Bonus Attack+30% Trans-Scan Bonus Attack+15% Quote SCORPONOK relies heavily on surprise attacks to take down his opponents. To make things worse, the tail is too short to actually be able to hit anything, anyway. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Alias Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. After many clashes on Cybertron, their respective armies carried their fight to the peaceful organic world of Nebulo… Injured, Scorponok dived back underground.

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